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Aerated concrete ‒ a modern material in the domestic market!

  At the current domestic construction market now offers a wide range of materials that can be used for the construction of buildings of various types and purposes. The most accessible for the private low-rise housing is aerated.

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  For years, developers in the construction of houses opt for concrete blocks. Each construction company knows about the advantages of this building material. If we talk about its main advantage, then so it should be considered environmentally friendly. Besides, he has other advantages. On them will be discussed further.

  One of the important advantages of this building material is its reasonable price. At its production using natural materials. Its basic components are cement and lime. As additional components present quartz sand and aluminum powder.

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  Other important characteristics of this material are its strength and light weight. Low weight, which is typical of gas concrete blocks, is provided by the fact that aerated concrete is porous. Due to the fact that aerated concrete blocks in sizes superior to traditional brick, it is possible to construct objects with a minimum of time. Since this material has a low weight, then the construction work is not necessary to attract construction machinery. Build a house of aerated concrete blocks can be by a small team.

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  The porous structure of the material provides its advantages. Also lightweight, as stated above, it helps provide a stable humidity inside the building and the climate. The low thermal conductivity due to the low density of aerated concrete and, again, its porosity. You should know, the greater the density of the material, the lower structure will retain heat. To the cost of insulation of buildings is minimal, you should use a material of low density such as aerated concrete blocks.

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  However, the porosity of the material leads to certain disadvantages. Because of the porous structure he quickly loses its elasticity. Along with it there is a decrease, and such characteristics as resistance to bending. Cracks all over the building sometimes occur even with small deformations at the base of the building, if poorly constructed foundation. Therefore, if the developer for the construction of the house opted for aerated concrete, then the facility should be built on the slab or strip foundation. And this leads to the need to ensure that the cost of building the house increase. If you are using a house built of concrete blocks, you should be aware that over time, this material can accumulate water, which can lead to cracks. Therefore, for interior decoration do not use plaster and wallpaper without priming. The consequence can be that finishing materials can dampen.

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  Entrust professionals to build a house, and then all these problems will be avoided. Robust construction company, such as "Gazblokservis" specializes in a wide range of concrete blocks, we offer high-quality products for building a warm and secure home of aerated concrete, which will last for many years.

The production line for the production of aerated

concrete AEROC – a modern specialized equipment

that meets European standards.



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AEROC autoclave aerocrete Obukhov, Berezan. Plants brand AEROC producing gas silicate blocks density: D300, D400, D500 sizes aerated concrete: partition 75x200x600, 100x200x600, 125x200x600, 75x250x600, 100x250x600, 100x288x600, 150x288x600 mm, wall 300x200x600, 375x200x600, 250x200x600, 280x200x600, 400x200x600, 200x250x600, 300x250x600, 375x250x600, 400x250x600, 500x200x600, 288x200x600 mm. Depending on the design of your home is recommended to carefully select the desired cellular units by size and brand strength. The warmest Gazoblok are aerated concrete blocks at a density of D300, the most robust (for buildings without integral frame type) are cellular density units D400 and D500. Fast delivery at your facility to unload all over Ukraine. Hurry. Order now you get aerated time ‒ a season delivery time may increase. Address office construction company "Gazblokservis": 02099, Ukraine, Kiev, st. Boryspilska, 10, office 6, where you can: to settle on your project home, get advice and price lists, technical literature and see samples of concrete blocks, videos. The application and the plan of your house to preliminary calculations can be sent to our e-mail. It is important. We do not make the transport and helping to organize a rapid and profitable delivery of brand products AEROC your object. The cost of transportation is determined individually, depending on the distance of delivery to the customer. Our company Gazblokservis: offers, sells, sells, delivers, delivers only products of factory production AEROC, so prices may vary from the products manufactured and supplied from the "garage" producer. Remember that you are building a house for a long time and is related to the selection of these autoclaved aerated concrete blocks seriously.

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