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What is different from the autoclave aerated foam?

  Both materials ‒ silicate blocks and foam block belong to a class of cellular concrete. The essential difference between them is based on the fundamental difference in the composition of components and production technology.

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Foam block:

  Aerated concrete blocks is a mixture of sand, cement, water and foaming agent. The prepared mixture to foam block, in a small-scale, artisanal production, poured into ready-made forms. In case of no uniform mixing components of the mixture is very often gives an uneven shrinkage. The consequence is a non-uniform material density and high accuracy in the geometry of the foam concrete (30 mm). Easy to manufacture concrete blocks makes it possible to produce it in the garage or at the construction site, but in a natural hardening must be at least 28 days to collect the required strength of the foam block.

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Aerated concrete block:

  Unlike foam concrete blocks, concrete block made only in industrial, factory. Aerated concrete blocks are obtained from well-dosed mixture of sand, lime and water. When mixing the components in the dispenser added aluminum powder which reacts with lime, it starts a chemical reaction with the release of hydrogen gas. Subsequently, at the outlet of the autoclave, outdoors, hydrogen combines with oxygen in the vapor comes out. This gives the material a cellular structure. When the material reaches the desired consistency it is moved from the mold onto a conveyor, the strings are cut and placed in an autoclave oven where the pulp is heat treated to acquire the necessary characteristics. In conditions of high humidity, high temperature and pressure unit is gaining in strength. The output is a ready to use, durable, smooth block with errors in the geometry of up to 1 mm.
  Environmentally friendly ‒ The most important property of the walls of aerated concrete, which is determined by its high vapor permeability. This feature allows the walls to "breathe", allowing free passage of vapor and gas mixtures (CO, CO2, CH4) from the room, through the wall and thus outside of the reverse flow of clean air rich in negatively charged air ions ‒ the main component of the respiratory air.

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  With the same strength of aerated concrete has a greater density than the aerated and thus heavier. But the foam of higher density requires more cement consumption, which leads to its considerable cost, so often, in practice, concrete blocks do density D600-D700, the strength thus obtained B1.5 and that after nearly a month of exposure. And such foam is suitable only for the construction of a garage or shed, but not a house. Thus gazoblok much stronger concrete blocks, allowing the fresh concrete slab directly on the unit, giving up reinforcing belt between floors.
  Since silicate blocks lighter and stronger, easier to work with him. Good geometry aerocrete facilitates and allows the clutch with a thin layer of adhesive to obtain a smooth wall. The adhesive is usually applied to a thickness of 1-3 mm. Grout same when laying concrete blocks, apply a layer of 10 to 30 mm. Thin glue line saves up to 30% of the heat in the house, postroennm of silicate blocks, which is a substantial saving in the winter of finance.

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  Gazosilikat because of its lower density worse conducts sound, i.e. has good sound deadening qualities.
  Durability ‒ the practice shows that the house of aerated concrete are more than 70 years, and this experience of foam concrete not yet.
  Practice shows that the durability of the building, constructed of concrete blocks, are not inferior to their homes with walls made of brick.
  Due to the heat treatment of autoclave aerated concrete block aerated concrete blocks are much stronger. That is, at the same gazoblok strength compared to concrete blocks smaller in density and lighter. And the lighter the wall material is used, the less load on the foundation is created.
  Calculations and practice of aerated concrete show that 1 m³ of gas concrete wall 1.6 times less foam concrete, 2 times ‒ wooden, 4.3 times ‒ a brick wall.
  All this shows that the aerated concrete is more advantageous and economical as compared with foamed concrete and other building materials.
  And on the basis of the above, now you can easily make the choice easier for you to build a house of foam blocks and aerated choose.



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AEROC autoclave aerocrete Obukhov, Berezan. Plants brand AEROC producing gas silicate blocks density: D300, D400, D500 sizes aerated concrete: partition 75x200x600, 100x200x600, 125x200x600, 75x250x600, 100x250x600, 100x288x600, 150x288x600 mm, wall 300x200x600, 375x200x600, 250x200x600, 280x200x600, 400x200x600, 200x250x600, 300x250x600, 375x250x600, 400x250x600, 500x200x600, 288x200x600 mm. Depending on the design of your home is recommended to carefully select the desired cellular units by size and brand strength. The warmest Gazoblok are aerated concrete blocks at a density of D300, the most robust (for buildings without integral frame type) are cellular density units D400 and D500. Fast delivery at your facility to unload all over Ukraine. Hurry. Order now you get aerated time ‒ a season delivery time may increase. Address office construction company "Gazblokservis": 02099, Ukraine, Kiev, st. Boryspilska, 10, office 6, where you can: to settle on your project home, get advice and price lists, technical literature and see samples of concrete blocks, videos. The application and the plan of your house to preliminary calculations can be sent to our e-mail. It is important. We do not make the transport and helping to organize a rapid and profitable delivery of brand products AEROC your object. The cost of transportation is determined individually, depending on the distance of delivery to the customer. Our company Gazblokservis: offers, sells, sells, delivers, delivers only products of factory production AEROC, so prices may vary from the products manufactured and supplied from the "garage" producer. Remember that you are building a house for a long time and is related to the selection of these autoclaved aerated concrete blocks seriously.

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